pb avec un serveur maniaplanet

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pb avec un serveur maniaplanet

Post by mathys76 » 11 Jun 2019, 09:26

voici mes logs

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[2019/06/10 20:05:25] Starting ManiaPlanet date=2019-05-23_15_45 Svn=92404 GameVersion=3.3.0...
[2019/06/10 20:05:25] Configuration file : dedicated_cfg.txt
[2019/06/10 20:05:25] Loading system configuration...
[2019/06/10 20:05:25] ...ERROR: Couldn't load 'dedicated_cfg.txt'.
...Could not load the system configuration
[2019/06/10 20:05:25] Loading cache...
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] ...OK
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Loading dedicated server configuration...
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] ...ERROR: Couldn't load 'dedicated_cfg.txt'.
...Could not load the dedicated server configuration
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] ...ERROR: Title unknown. 'TMStadium@nadeo' (no matching titlepack file found)
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Listening for xml-rpc commands on port 5000.
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Match settings file : MatchSettings\maplist.txt
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Loading match settings...
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] ...ERROR: Could not load mode script 'TimeAttack.Script.txt'.
...Could not load the match settings
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Server not started: no ServerName specified.
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] URL: maniaplanet://#join=
[2019/06/10 20:05:26] Server not running, exiting.
j'ai suivi le tuto de Krill pour faire un serveur UASECO
merci pour vos réponses

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Re: pb avec un serveur maniaplanet

Post by undef.de » 11 Jun 2019, 13:35

Developer of UASECO, a controller with support of the Modescript Gamemodes for TM².
Visit the official website for more: UASECO.org

Developer of various plugins for XAseco/XAseco2 and MPAseco, visit my lab: www.undef.name

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