Blocks in Trackmania Editor - Which take most memory

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Blocks in Trackmania Editor - Which take most memory

Post by WPK-Wolfseye » 22 Jul 2021, 09:40

Hi guys,

although I must admit, i am not really interested in Trackmania 2, i am still with good old TMUF. ;) I only make Coast maps for many years now, and the other Environments or even TM2 doesnt really interest me. ;)

But one question, and I think the answer would be the same for no matter which Trackmania game, i really would like an answer to if possible.

When you build a map, what decides most how big (filesize) the map will be in the end ? Which objects take a lot of memory, and if I could minimize some specific block, would save me filesize in the end ? Does anyone have info about that ?

I am asking that, because i usually use TM Unlimiter, in this case recently v1.3.0.2 , and so my maps have become quite mixed, not to mention my maps are always much bigger and fuller than usual. ^^
TmForever_2021-07-22_10-44-57.jpg (430.45 KiB) Viewed 320 times
That for some maps has resulted in the fact that I couldnt load them anymore at some point, not in the editor, not into the game. Because they crash, and the only hint in the log file is that its a memory issue. Unfortunately TM is from a time, where having 32 GB of Ram was still the future, and so the game cant handle more memory, even if you have it. Which sucks.

But if i would know, what makes a map big, and by that i mean the filesize, that would help me a lot. With little luck I can still load maps which have up to 144 kb in size, but then you almost have to go down with some graphics settings, in order to be more less stable. I made some maps, which are over 170 kb and one is even 214 kb, at some point i was not able to load them anymore at all. Which is a shame, because i put a lot of work and effort into those.

If anyone would be able to help me with my question, I would appreciate that.
THank you.


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