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by andrus
22 Oct 2014, 19:51
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: New TM incoming?
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Re: New TM incoming?

I was really counting on a wintery environment...
Still got some hope left, maybe this lagoon is frozen ^^
by andrus
12 Oct 2014, 23:12
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: Inne gry
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Re: Inne gry

gra umarła
by andrus
04 Sep 2014, 16:57
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Mała prośba do graczy Shootmania
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Re: Mała prośba do graczy Shootmania

pół roku temu bym zagrał w combo ale zragequit'owałem sm bo z francuzami nie da się wytrzymać
by andrus
17 Jul 2014, 20:20
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist
Replies: 812
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

1. import TMUF to TM2. There is still more people in TMF than TM2, and merging them would do good. 2. dynamic skins: There are so many awesome skins but only 3 cars, so why not cycle them? every next map being loaded = next skin. 3. envmix on stad (seriously, canyon on stadium was so fun that i cant...
by andrus
18 May 2014, 12:58
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: What new Environment would you like to see?
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Re: What new Environment would you like to see?

oooh yeeeaaah, would definitely try that 8-)
by andrus
12 May 2014, 21:10
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: I have a personal question.
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Re: I have a personal question.

Canyon on stad was extremely fun but I played only 3 maps x 5 minutes before it was blocked :<
by andrus
08 May 2014, 21:48
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: TRIO. - A cancelled story movie.
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Re: TRIO. - A forthcoming story movie.

this reminds me of racing drones from the acceleracers cartoon...
by andrus
20 Apr 2014, 21:44
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Problem z grą? Zajrzyj tutaj
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Re: Problem z grą? Zajrzyj tutaj

o co chodzi w trybie combo?
prosze o szybką pomoc
by andrus
13 Apr 2014, 18:51
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: What are your favourite albums?
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Re: What are your favourite albums?

Because some people were going to be like, “That’s it, I’ve had it, fuck this band, they’re not making music for me anymore because all I want to hear is heavy guitars and there isn’t a guitar to be found on this record. They’re singing about the world’s ills and there’s a bunch of electronic bleep...
by andrus
07 Apr 2014, 19:48
Forum: Off-Topics
Topic: New Competition for TM
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Re: New Competition for TM

"Coming when it's ready" also relates to TM.
"C'est finished when it's done" ~Hylis

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