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by gursk
12 Sep 2014, 23:52
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Sherlock Holmes: The Curious Case of Karim
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Re: Sherlock Holmes: The Curious Case of Karim

Somebody is back & back again. Dont tell I didnt warn you. I don't think that this "karimr" is the same Karim we all "love and appreciate" :lol: People always have a signature, and our Karim's first login was genocide63. Now, I remember having a MM game with VERY high level players (Screw, Steeveh ...
by gursk
24 Aug 2014, 19:23
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Maniaplanet Tags
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Re: Maniaplanet Tags

When players receive a tag, they have to click on a button to display it ingame Which button exactly do I have to push in order to show my tags ingame and make them visible to everybody? Or is it p2p enabled good enough? edit: I found everything I needed going through the game settings and profile ...
by gursk
23 Aug 2014, 22:25
Forum: Maniaplanet
Topic: Questions and answers
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Re: Questions and answers I was wondering what these thing could be and I think it could be the tags we can create in our player page. Am I correct? If yes, how do I get one (or more)? Am I allowed to make them for myself? come on, it's so COOL...(heavy breathing) :o
by gursk
04 Jul 2014, 14:47
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: @nadeo; movement inovation
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Re: @nadeo; movement inovation

About the movement system in SM (only Elite so far, didn't check other titles) someone explain this to me..It felt like playing against LMFAO performing Party Rock Anthem ... tolo-1.png
by gursk
02 Jun 2014, 09:46
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: Elite title loses points by itself + Ladder suggestion
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Elite title loses points by itself + Ladder suggestion

What really grinds my gears is losing ladder points in Elite mode. Do not misunderstand me, I get it, but still I hate it when it happens. Anyway, I started keeping track of my ups and downs (writing a graph like MP2 displayed) and i noticed a quite large loss of points during the night, 100/150 lp....
by gursk
14 May 2014, 18:26
Forum: Shootmania Reports
Topic: Shootmania Elite missing LPs
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Shootmania Elite missing LPs

As the title says, I miss LPs on my account. Today was a good day as I earned almost 500 LP on Elite. :clap: I joined and played in a couple different servers, and the ladder ranking progressed as I was winning, then I had to shut MP down, then I relaunched it and I found my ranking still at 819th. ...
by gursk
01 May 2014, 18:16
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Maniaplanet 3 Released!
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Re: Maniaplanet 3 Released!

How about the new teleporters?? Would be nice to know how the new stuff works, because when I stand on it, nothing happens but other people can use it easily :shock: what do I have to do??
Apart from that issue of mine, this update is HUMONGOUS. :1010
Thanks for your help.

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