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by zegodzila
10 Apr 2013, 19:46
Forum: Multiplayer
Topic: MatchMaking Lobbies feedbacks
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Re: MatchMaking Lobbies feedbacks

you should be able to remove the banner explaining you what to do in the lobby
by zegodzila
27 Feb 2013, 15:35
Forum: Trackmania 2
Topic: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta
Replies: 336
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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Nice ! :)
What's the difference beetween paying & free version ?
by zegodzila
05 Feb 2013, 07:23
Forum: ManiaScript
Topic: GoldenDunk GameMode
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Re: GoldenDunk GameMode

Have played to this mod ! I really enjoyed.

Monst33333r Dunk !
by zegodzila
30 Jan 2013, 08:29
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: new crosshairs
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Re: new crosshairs

I agree with Tmarc :)

I thank you about this crosshair Pack, this is very very nice. But, ingame it is hard to test them all to see what will be the best. (you know it is).
With some screenshots, it will be opposum ! (ossom :X)
by zegodzila
21 Jan 2013, 07:26
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: plusieurs idees
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Re: plusieurs idee

la vache le matin, çà pique. :teub:

tu connais les "." "," ?

Franz qui fait son troll de l'année.
by zegodzila
19 Jan 2013, 10:17
Forum: Ladder Servers
Topic: Questions and answers
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Re: Questions and answers

Hylis wrote:you mean about opening the 100K servers?
I meant, when will it be some competition the Sunday like TM² or TM1 based on the 100k server?
by zegodzila
18 Jan 2013, 13:47
Forum: Ladder Servers
Topic: Questions and answers
Replies: 74
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Re: Questions and answers

Any Official Date about the 100k championship ?
by zegodzila
04 Jan 2013, 18:53
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: download incompréhensible
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Re: download incompréhensible

T'es pas sur que c'est le fonctionnement normal de SM ?
by zegodzila
04 Jan 2013, 13:40
Forum: Shootmania
Topic: Type de bloc "looping" et "inversé"
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Re: Type de bloc "looping" et "inversé"

Dans l'idée de bloc, moi j'avais en idée des blocs flottants ou pilotis pour mettre sur les zones d'eau profonde.
by zegodzila
04 Jan 2013, 13:36
Forum: Maniaplanet Reports
Topic: 2.0 Downgrade!
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Re: 2.0 Downgrade!

Usually you don't release a software update and go to weekend 2 hours after :)

BUT, i understand, that side-effects are difficult to be spotted right on time.
On the contrary, TM² is not Beta anymore, and should not be impacted :)

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