Need a translators for HG

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Re: Need a translators for HG

Post by Nerpson » 20 Aug 2014, 08:19

Wow guys we don't need this. You are bothering the whole thread for nothing. Stay calm. If my message hurt you Mike, I'm the first to be sorry. That was not my intention.

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Re: Need a translators for HG

Post by tombuilder » 20 Aug 2014, 10:15

I tried a little on the german translation, but I`m not very used to SM (or FPS in general) specific slang. I would wait for another german to verify it ;) I did also not translate Map and Respawn as this sounds strange in german, if you are used to such games, but can be done too.

Code: Select all

{{{ Translate the Hunger Games! }}}

- Replie

- Charge: battery
- MiniCharge: "MiniBattery"
- Toads: frogs
- Card: here it's more "memory card", "sd card"
- Pole: goal, mast
- Case: weapon case, cs:go weapon box
- Speed factor: character speed


{{{ tombuilder }}}
#Const C_TranslationAuthors [
	"german" => ["tombuilder"]

// ---------------------------------- //
/** Get German translation
 *	@param	_Ident		Message index
 *	@return		Translated message
Text Private_GetMessage_German(Integer _Ident) {
	declare Text TranslatedMessage;
	// List of german translations
	declare SentenceBank_German = [
		0 => "$<%1$> hat die Hungerspiele gewonnen!",
		1 => "$<%1$> versuchte die Arena zu verlassen.",
		2 => "$<%1$> hat den Waffenkoffer gefunden!",
		3 => "$<%1$> hat den Waffenkoffer verloren!",
		4 => "$<%1$> hat den Waffenkoffer genommen!",
		5 => "Kritischer Treffer!",
		6 => "Kritischer Schaden",
		7 => "Übrige Tribute: %1",
		8 => "Respawn in den Hungerspielen nicht möglich.",
		9 => "Respawning...",
		10 => "Respawn verweigert",
		11 => "Erfolgreich respawned!",
		12 => "Du",
		13 => "Füllhorn",
		14 => "Waffenkoffer",
		15 => "Frösche",
		16 => "Rüstungspunkte",
		17 => "Geschwindigkeit",
		18 => "Munition nachladen",
		19 => "Ausdauerzunahme",
		20 => "Kritische Möglichkeit",
		21 => "Wähle deinen Charakter",
		22 => "Waffen",
		23 => "Beschreibung",
		24 => "Drücke %1 um die Map zu verlassen",
		25 => "Renne zur Säule um deine Waffe zu aktivieren!",
		26 => "Du wurdest eliminiert. Bitte warte auf die nächste Map um erneut zu spielen. Viel Glück beim nächsten Mal!",
		27 => "Du hast den Waffenkoffer gefunden!",
		28 => "Du hast den Waffenkoffer gefunden! Du kannst bis zu %1 Zielsuchraketen abschießen, aber vergeude sie nicht!",
		29 => "Waffenkoffer verloren",
		30 => "Du hast den Waffenkoffer verloren. Du kannst ihn nicht wieder aufnehmen, jedoch die anderen!",
		31 => "Vollkommen gesund",
		32 => "Du kannst keine Rüstung aufnehmen, wenn du bei voller Gesundheit bist.",
		33 => "Ladekarte",
		34 => "Einfache gelbe Aufladung erhöht Rüstungszunahme um 5% und Ausdauer um 10%.",
		35 => "Waffenkarte",
		36 => "Lila Karte gibt dir eine zufällige Waffe.",
		37 => "Du hast die maximale Anzahl an verfügbaren Waffen erreicht!",
		38 => "Kleine Ladekarte",
		39 => "Rote Miniaufladung entzieht einen Schadenspunkt, verbessert dich aber wie 2 reguläre gelbe Ladekarten.",
		40 => "Du hast nicht genug Rüstung um diesen Gegenstand aufzunehmen!,
		41 => "Replie Karte",
		42 => "Mit der pinknen Karte kannst du einen Rüstungspunkt heilen. Drücke %1 um sie zu benutzen.",
		43 => "Du hast die maximale Anzahl and verfügbaren Replies erreicht!",
		44 => "Goldener Kristall",
		45 => "Der goldene Kristall läßt dich um 5% schneller rennen.",
		46 => "Standardcharakter kann keine goldenen Kristalle benutzen!",
		47 => "Aufnahme nicht möglich, du hast die maximale Geschwindigkeit erreicht!",
		48 => "Brennstoffkristall",
		49 => "Der Brennstoffkristall erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeit einen kritischen Treffer zu erzielen um 0.5%.",
		50 => "Aufnahme nicht möglich, du hast die höchste Wahrscheinlichkeit für kritische Treffer erreicht!",
		51 => "Eliminiert!",
		52 => "Kritische Treffer erzielen doppelten Schaden!",
		53 => "Berühre die Säule!",
		54 => "Du mußt die Säule berühren bevor du Gegenstände aufnehmen kannst!",
		55 => "$<%1$> ist den Spielen beigetreten.",
		56 => "Die Zeit zum Beitreten ist abgelaufen. Bitte warte bis zur nächsten Map.",
		57 => "Frösche wurden erzeugt."
	if (SentenceBank_German.existskey(_Ident)) {
		TranslatedMessage = SentenceBank_German[_Ident];
	} else {
		// Message if sentence not found
		TranslatedMessage = "? Sprachübersetzung nicht gefunden ?";
	return TranslatedMessage;

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Re: Need a translators for HG

Post by fleo » 20 Aug 2014, 11:17

TheBigMiike wrote:...
Ok let's end this now if you agree.

You said you don't have a computer these days, so I guess you did the job on a smartphone. It must have been a pain in the youknowwhat. About my version, I haven't said I did only necessary modifications, but that's MY version, I turned the sentences in a way they sound better to ME. I said I edited your file, not corrected it. However I did correct some typos or little grammatical mistakes as well, as "voud" instead of "vous" or words ending by "é" instead of "ée/és/ées". It took me enough time to do this version and I didn't want to spend time to explain what I changed, you could see it by yourself if you're willing to.

So I didn't give you details because their were in the files, but you spit on my work without really saying why, that pissed me off :( Anyway we both work on it, don't be upset because I edited your version (= community work) or because we didn't precisely say what were the mistakes (= waste of time: what would have been the point in saying "you wrote é instead of ée"?), the goal is to have the best version possible and I don't give a sh*t if it's not mine. I'm ok with the version we ended with so let's call it a teamwork :thx:

@Domino: I took a look at your script, so basically it looks for the english message in an array and returns a number if it exists. Then it returns the translated message corresponding to the number? So if you modify an english message in your game script, you have to modify it in the lib too? So in the game script we have to use the lib function with the english message and it returns the translation?
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Re: Need a translators for HG

Post by Dommy » 20 Aug 2014, 13:02

Please stop the discussion. I thank for both translations guyz and understand your hard work. Fleo based everyrhing on mikes trandlation and corrected what's wrong to keep this perfect. :)

Seems to be fine, only need to exchange opinions with Jinzo :thx:

Well, one function checks if specified message is available to translate, if not it returns this untranslated version, else it calls second function depending of specified player language and checks if exists translated version. If yes, everything returns message in player language, else it will be english (input) one. Yes, every message has its index, that is later used to check and return message in specified language.
You can send me your own sentences and they can be included in lib :) .

I'm actually working on textlib compose function, so if message has component to insert, after _Message just add text array with up to 5 attributes.

Also expect SendNotice() and SendChat() in nearest future ;) .
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