[ManiaScript] Can't assign controllers in local play

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[ManiaScript] Can't assign controllers in local play

Post by Dommy » 18 Dec 2017, 17:41

I've been trying to assing connected controllers to players in local splitscreen Pursuit mode and here are the results:

Those are my connected controllers:

Code: Select all

1 - Keyboard
100 - WootingOne
101 - Rumble Gamepad F510
102 - Wireless Gamepad F710
Tried using these settings:

Code: Select all

Players[0].ControllerCount = 1;
Players[0].ControllerId0 = 102;
Players[1].ControllerCount = 1;
Players[1].ControllerId0 = 101;
They did absolutely nothing. Gamepads remained assigned the same way as on startup, being WootingOne for 1st player and Rumble Gamepad F510 for 2nd player. Other configurations did nothing, too.

Tried using coop mode (Double Driver):

Code: Select all

Players[0].CoopMode = CTmPlayer::ETmRacePlayerCoopMode::Symbiosys;
Players[0].CoopModeControllerCount = 1;
Players[0].CoopModeControllerId0 = 102;
Players[1].CoopMode = CTmPlayer::ETmRacePlayerCoopMode::Symbiosys;
Players[1].CoopModeControllerCount = 1;
Players[1].CoopModeControllerId0 = 101;
Success! However, only the acceleration/brake and steer left/right keys were assigned. It means as much as 1st player could steer with Wireless Gamepad F710, but had to respawn by pressing key on WootingOne, while 2nd player could both drive and respawn with Rumble Gamepad F510.

Gamepads rumble is also sent to incorrect devices.

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