Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by fng_thatoneguy » 17 Jul 2014, 11:25

  • Background Updating!!! - Allow me to download a title update in the background while still allowing me to play a title that is already up-to-date. (Example: ShootMania needs an update, but I get to go play Canyon while the SM update is downloading/installing)
  • And Island-esque TrackMania 2 environment!!! :thumbsup:
Seriously, thank you so much Nadeo for all your hard work!

Thanks to the Steam sale "From Paris, With Games", our Team FNG TrackMania 2 servers have enjoyed an influx of nearly 2000 new players, with hundreds marking as a favorite (meaning they're enjoying to come back for more.) -- Many of them are from North America which has been a dream of mine for a LONG time.

Unfortunately, I'm having to spend a lot of time to get them to convert to using the standalone ManiaPlanet installer so they can enjoy switching titles without dumping back out to Steam to relaunch; and so they can utilize the Universal Demo and get hooked on the titles they don't own yet.

But again, I'm grateful for this load of more players, and I hope the activity keeps for a very long time!

Now get our USA Ubisoft coverage back so we can start having some serious USA LAN events again! GG
:thx: :thx: :thx:

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by reaby » 17 Jul 2014, 11:33

Many thanks for very great game!
Your support on the forums and answers to community developers on how to use stuff and constant updates for the game! Indeed if some are listening community, Nadeo surely is :clap:

The tools for community and user created content are pretty damn awesome already!
We can do so much with the tools that ManiaPlanet what I think is that you (ubisoft/nadeo) should start utilizing the maniaplanet platform and it's capabilities to bring the game to another next level :)

I've tried to search for pegi rating while ago for storm... and couldn't find it... so a pegi rating even if may cost some, but it's worth getting for maniaplanet in general, or if it has it already, you are not stating it clearly since i didn't find it :(

My wishes for next iteration of ManiaPlanet

The home screen and menus are surely getting better, but but why on earth can't they be like in the concept art, looking just freaking awesome ? (especially i liked the darker one with the "electricity" or lights...)

Musics, i've been wishing nearly all my wish posts for new musics, get a damn kick **s soundtrack! which is suitable for the fast pace of the game, pretty please, like seen from the official trailers, please take that route for the musics. Personally i'm very tired of this "electrical synth pop from france"-genre of musics that doesn't suite the mood of racing at all, it's like it's holding back.

Please also remember we trackmania players are also waiting for visible updates, so, pretty please if possible, remake stadium textures and blocks to look not from 10 years ago, but present... Please add more blocks, even if they are for scenery :)

( and last if possible add binding to GUIPlayer.speed, it's missing atm :roflol: )

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by HaagseSmurf » 17 Jul 2014, 11:56

1) Stabilizing the serverbrowser. You guys allready have done a lot of hard work on it with a lot of fixes but i hope i hope you can get it working without having to fix it each 2 days. The serverbrowser also is slowing down a lot after having played MP for more then 1 hour. Probably absorbing a lot of vidmemory but that could be on my side with my AMD card.

2) Stabilizing the buddylist. Still have some buddyrequests open which are allready answered by my new buddys but not in the buddylist. Looking at the forum it also is not showing all the buddys for some people. Same here: a lot of hard work and a impressive progress, but we are not there yet ;)

3) Adding new blocks in Canyon / Valley / Stadium. Its now possible to have items on tracks on a public server in Canyon, Stadium and Valley with using the importer. This allready can makes the variety of tracks bigger, but adding some more blocks would make each envie even more special then it is allready.

4) Updating the Maniaplanetforum or get it somehow more structured. Its hard for experienced users to know where to post things. For newcomers it can sometimes even look like a jungle. Searching through the forums if some other players have experienced the same issue as you have is even harder. Sometimes you find bugreports on the same issue on very different parts of this forum.

5) An important wish for the community: Keep on helping each other like you are all are doing right now in this community, because thats whats making this community so great. Invite your non MP friends and show them what Maniaplanet is all about with the help of the DEMO. Let them try racing on amazing tracks, or battling for the pole through awesome castles in Shootmania. It will help the community grow.

Thx NADEO for what you have done allready and making me even more addicted ;)

Check and / or for all info.
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by Dommy » 17 Jul 2014, 11:59

1. Design: I think changing design several times is worse, well good to keep atual design of stations menu, main menu and buddies but keep improving it like you did with SM scoretable during the open beta (but don't f**k it up as you did in MP3 with scores :P ).

2. Scoretable: oh really? Current scoretable is worse. In old one you were able to easily see your rank, round points and total points on one footer, now we have useless space with server name, avatar and bolt/flags/cactus/tree. Why?! (And its the reason why I keep old design in Hunger Games)

3. Item editor: This tool should get some big improvements. In this case setting item icon is not working, saving saves itemin BLOCKS directory (and of course you can't move up to items directory). Also add it for TM, because of below:

4. Player items in TM: well I mean exactly as you can specify forced player model in SM, add this too in TM. In title player would be able to create his own car - using item editor with abilities like setting up mass, tyre friction on several materials, acceleration, max speed on material, sterring coef and main feature: forcing the model (skin) that can be painted. Imagine now Gran Turismo 7 title pack :D

5. Tutorial manialink/title pack/video/menu or anything else: does new player knows stamina? Does he knows trilaser? And how he may learn it? By playing? Faster he'll gain silver and stull use full stamina in top of jump.

6. Stations system: ok, you won't remove it as I know, but buying stations is kind of a joke. First of all - new player has 3 free slots. He will finally load all of them. Does he know how to eject title from station? No. And he can't access more titles cause he is in deep hole. This is probably my biggest suggestion after items for TM. So in this point let me show 3 things.
A) There should be unlimited amount of stations
B) When you want to load new title, just install it via store and it's station will appear instantly
C) When you uninstall title its station will disappear
Look at this. Isn't this idea such perfect? And keep in mind that demo user can buy only 3 more stations and don't know uninstalling them and he's trapped. Please take this suggestion to your heart Nadeo. It's the best you can take from all mine wishes. :thx:

7. Some stuff for scripters like me: The one thing I reeeally wish is come back of charged shoot in vanilla game. But don't do it for standing 6 seconds, do it as weapon (a hole in WeaponNum: 1 - Laser, 2 - Rocket, 3 - Nucleus, 5 - Arrow. So what is 4? Charged shoot?). So I wish return of it as CSmMode::EWeapon::RocketSP. And don't tell me it can be done with action because it's not vanilla.

All atm. I ran out ideas xd
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by SingularityCrew » 17 Jul 2014, 12:55

Pleas add this to next update!
My wish list for next update:
- Multiplayer map editor! [only with friends]. Can be usefull for RPG map makeres :)
- TM²: EnviMix pack: Solo mode + Valley&Canyon on Stadium
- Shootmania with XBOX 360 controller. [Shooting with triggers!]
- Steam can be connect with normal account.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by oiram456 » 17 Jul 2014, 13:37

- Possibility to bind editor keys
- Platform and Puzzle campaigns for all Trackmania environments
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by riolu » 17 Jul 2014, 14:50

Appreciating all the things you've done so far, the demo seems to be working out quite well :thumbsup:
Stuff I'd love to see being added to the game somewhen soon:

(not ordered by priority)
1. Display thousandths in the solo ladder
2. More support for competitions, especially for Canyon and Valley - we need something to make these environments more attractive for competitive play (cash prize tournaments like Zotac for example)
3. Newbie tutorials for Shootmania (how to use stamina, walljump, teleport, etc. / just as it is the case in TM, where it displays "respawn with Enter, retire with backspace" on the screen)
4. New blocks, especially for Canyon and Valley. There are plenty of forum threads containing wish lists for new blocks - maybe you wanna consider checking them out. Some really important blocks are missing in Valley, especially in the platform block set.
5. Animated title pack logo for Canyon and Valley + rolling demo for the TM2 title
6. Valley and Stadium platform title pack, maybe even Puzzle?
7. Not sure if it has been fixed since I didn't check after the new update: the broken/glitchy camera in spectator mode (already reported a couple of weeks ago)

Will add more if something else comes into my mind :thumbsup:

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by bervt » 17 Jul 2014, 14:56

novationx wrote:1. Tutorials
--> I can not stress enough how hard this game is. I've been helping demo players. They don't even know how to sprint. They never ever walljump. They dont know the colored blocks ( blue, red , white )... On top of that their skill is lower so they get bashed so haaaaaaaard. In other games you can run away. Here you cant, because you are slow. You get killed instantly. ( Elite )

Even if it is not simple , please do it , by making a video or else , it is one of the factor why they don"t want to stay because they don't understand the game .

Nt: about platform , Great looking map, great mod , hard to have the gold (on the last maps , we need to go fast but we are too fast so it is a little bit hard ^^' , and the hitbox of the cristal is a bit annoying sometime :p ) chalenging but not a tutorial , how can we use stamina , ext ...

This :
"In the Platform title ( who is great i like it ^^)
when we want to edit a map we can choose some mod , ==> Why we cannot have access to them in storm (elite ext ..) , it would be great for adding more variety on map .

I have made a post at the beta , i have discut with one of you , ...
Why Do you have removed the unlimited ammo when we test our map on the editor , in MP2 we have unlimited ammo and it was fine , now when we test our map we have to wait for our ammo to come back , or in Obstacle if we need to test a Cp with need unlimited ammo the only way in to test all the map and because of that we cannot use flying mode or other fonction of the editor .
at least add a option that we can use unlimited ammo ."

New block :

yes the more we have new block the more we (mapper ) are happy , but adding new block like random is not good (for me )

==> Canyon : Need inclined normal road checkpoint , there is none ( there is 1 but not in normal road block )
==> Shootmania : We have a lot of move than trackmania so we can do more thing so we need block to use them , yes , but what is the type of block do we need to have ;
==> fence not in 1/3 or 1/2 of the block but on the edge
==> we have roofing like block but if we want to do some big roofing we cannot because the block don"t exist
==> there is more but i would say the more you add the more we are happy :D

s5yn3t wrote:I wish for trackmania united port into mp4, its good that the audience is rising but the main problem still remains.... seperated community
maybe a good idea
SingularityCrew wrote:- Shootmania with XBOX 360 controller. [Shooting with triggers!]

that is a strange thing , i have try (i know it is possible to play with because GeniOus play with a controler at shootmania and quake ) but i can't play with it in shootmania but i can do some mapping with it ????? of course for me shootmania is a keyboard and mouse game but Let some who want to play with a controler to play with it ( for shootmania )
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by maczo6 » 17 Jul 2014, 14:56

Many users don't know most of the ManiaPlanet capabilities: why not create tutorials and/or more familiar interface?

New, intuitive titlepack creator not only for advanced users: everyone can create your own game but only the best creations are on the top of the Store.

The new better in- game store: easy system to share all your creations like skins, maps, titlepacks and much more. Ability to rate and comment creations made by other players. Easy way to find things you want by using filters, tags and search system.

Confusing publishing by ManiaLinks can be replaced by powerful Store in MP4.

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by Demented » 17 Jul 2014, 15:19

1) - Something I've never seen suggested that I'd like to see is a Car Editor. Not just a car painter but the ability to change tire and wheel sizes, rotate through custom rims, bumpers, exhausts, hoods, rear ends, intakes, spoilers, wings etc... but most of all the ability to grab and pull body parts into custom shapes and sizes. (In a similar fashion to the sims body and face editor) This would allow people to easily create custom cars without having to import new 3D models.
2) - I'd like to see some of the previously requested blocks added.
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