Hello Planet #5

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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by Hylis » 16 Jun 2015, 15:49

Marzyciel wrote:In my opinion the best way it would be release TM Turbo only on console
It was a first idea, but then I told myself that it was better to have it on PC as well, even if it raises the question in a more advanced way. Would we have made it only for consoles, it would have been sad for PC only owners.

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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by Dommy » 16 Jun 2015, 15:49

Of, small question from me to Nadeo: will ManiaPlanet receive some or many features from TrackMania Turbo?

I really like the stuff, such as Turbo fire particles on car, animations at GUI and automatic map creator. ;)

Edit: X controller support for Mania Planet :o
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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by Omnixor » 16 Jun 2015, 15:52

Hylis wrote:
Marzyciel wrote:In my opinion the best way it would be release TM Turbo only on console
It was a first idea, but then I told myself that it was better to have it on PC as well, even if it raises the question in a more advanced way. Would we have made it only for consoles, it would have been sad for PC only owners.
if Lagoon would eventually be ported on Maniaplanet, I wouldn't give a damn about a console-only version honestly.
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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by kidmaciek » 16 Jun 2015, 15:54

Maybe "a kick in the face" is not suitable, but its a little disappointing. Why? Well, once upon a time Trackmania was a big game with millions of players, it was doing great, had a lot of events and a massively big community. Now the community is small, to say the least. TMX is dying, and if it wasn't for few people that are really commited (FB, HOT team), we wouldn't see any fun events on TM. Have you ever wondered, Florent, what is the reason? And how to fix it, or at least try? I don't think that making Stadium environment look like a playground for ADHD kids could help.
Of course it's okay to see new environment, new features, but keep Stadium the way it was. If it's going to help TM grow again I'll be very happy, but for now - I don't like it, at least not the Stadium environment.
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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by weerwolf » 16 Jun 2015, 15:54

domino54 wrote:and automatic map creator. ;)
You are very good at maniascript, u can do that and 50x faster then me
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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by FrostBeule » 16 Jun 2015, 15:55

I'm not so sure of what I think of the idea of splitting the community into three games now (TMUF/TMNF, TM2 and TMT). But at the same time, I think Turbo got the potential to attract the casual crowd back to TrackMania again, and that could be very positive for the series since it's been something that's been lost since the glory days of Nations.

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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by novationx » 16 Jun 2015, 15:55

My questions:

1. TM Turbo = Valley, Stadium, Canyon & RollerCoaster Lagoon. This will all come out in November for PC, Xbone & PS4. This is a stand-alone game; not linked to ManiaPlanet.

2. Wont more players (everybody that buys TM Turbo) leave ManiaPlanet in November?

3. Can a Maniaplanet Valley-player play vs a TM Turbo Valley player?

4. RollerCoaster Lagoon will -later- join ManiaPlanet (in the next year)?

5. You could not announce a single concrete thing for ShootMania? We've been waiting for a year too, you know. MatchMaking bugs should be fixed asap. If you --only-- fix that I'll be already happy.

6. Why make this a stand-alone to bring it to MP next year?

Ty for your feedback.

Personal Feedback :
This has been a PC game for more than a decade. After 1-2years I would have expected more. ( But ofc you did not share everything with us so ignore what I said ). I'm also sad that after years of waiting im still reading the word "years" over and over again in this blog-article. Basically u announced a pretty similar game on another console with VR support.
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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by -Zenit- » 16 Jun 2015, 15:58

Well i expected more from the Hello#5 thing. This whole wall of text is just a big text of nothing. "We work on this, on this and on that but we wont talk about it. Ah i forgot Maniaplanet 4 is in the works and we have SOOO much people working on it right now, ah yes ofc we release this stuff around 2016".

I expected much more details, because we didnt got any informations for 1 year.

Also i fear that Turbo will just put the "real" trackmania one year back. It looks like they are working on Turbo now and Maniaplanet 4 comes out in 2016 ...

Hold in mind that Turbo comes out in december ... We will need to wait 5 months, just for a "rerelease" of stadium with some new blocks, a new enviroment, less features then maniaplanet and a new hud/menu ...

I dont know why i should even think about buying this ... 35€ for less features and a new enviroment is to much.

I expected more plans for the future. Some details, like they get rid of the titlepack system and how they plan to push the community ... but now they just say "ah yes we split the community even more!".

disappointed :s

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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by Railag » 16 Jun 2015, 15:59

Hopefully you'll reconsider your decision about "no-crossplatform", because splitting the PC trackmania community into three "platforms" (TMUF Turbo and Maniaplanet) will not be the best idea(as always), and then splitting the numbers that you'll have on Turbo even more by making it PC and consoles seperate? Besides, it's not like theres any advantage PC or console users will have, stadium for example can be played on the highest level on both kb and gamepad - and even then a lot of people play it on gamepad only.

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Re: Hello Planet #5

Post by Rots » 16 Jun 2015, 16:00

Hum, i'm on the maniaplanet forum and here people is talking about another game...

I just want to know when are updates and bugfixes coming for Maniaplanet since basically you've been working on another game.

(obviously I know it's not like this, i'm exagerating ^^ But you've been telling some stuff will come, "year of tm blablabla" but noone expected a new game... In the statement nothing is told about maniaplanet)

I'm just a bit frustrated, will you start comunicating back again?
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