Hello Planet #6

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Hello Planet #6

Post by Hylis » 30 Jun 2016, 17:36

Here is the Hello Planet #6

It's like a puzzle to understand everything.

Thanks again to all players that are here to look forward the future of Maniaplanet.

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Guerro323 » 30 Jun 2016, 17:37

C'est Grandiose!

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Dommy » 30 Jun 2016, 17:46


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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by kripkee » 30 Jun 2016, 17:47

I am still happy with HP 6, I really like improvements and hope they will be successful. The "new" solomode things looks nice too and the for titlepack-makers is this of course great.

It's really like a puzzle btw :D

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by adamkooo2 » 30 Jun 2016, 17:48

I am really looking forward to ManiaPlanet 4.0 :yes:

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by hackie » 30 Jun 2016, 17:55

Great post , a lot of text where you explain what you do and what you planned to do.

Simple Question :

We all wait very long now for updates so when can we expect de first update ? ( or what ever you are planning )
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Miss » 30 Jun 2016, 17:59

"It’ll be now possible to put Trackmania vehicles and the Shootmania character on the same network game and to interact and to commute from the control from one to another. "

Hah, that'll be fun.

Nice post, thanks! :thx:
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by WTCYoStunt12 » 30 Jun 2016, 18:00

WOW, this HP is huge .... but so many great things has been written. I'll try to sum what is great (in my pov) :
A 64-bit version made available, DirectX 11 enabled, more multitasking, improvement in the speed of lightmap calculations and several others optimizations such as game loadings or scripts.
Since MP4 is Dx9, it's quite a nice step forward into the graphical realism of these games and always be able to play them on all'n old computers. (but will it still support dx9?)
It’ll be now possible to put Trackmania vehicles and the Shootmania character on the same network game and to interact and to commute from the control to one to another.
Mix between TM and SM or how to link these 2 elements. A thing that we all except to happen.
It’s at the occasion of this update that we’ll officialize the records done in the solo on Trackmania and we’ll launch a new season on the campaigns of Canyon/Valley/Stadium/Lagoon which will integrate the modifications of the tracks, also allowing to integrate some new blocks and rules changes like the switch to the “always official”.
Hunting WRs, Season 2. This is going to be great for WRs hunters (along with "always official" in custom titles for creators)
So, we would like to have years cut in 4 periods: 3 months following the Hello Planet, 3 months of previews, 3 months of beta and 3 months of updates.
Make a system like this seems hard to keep. I'm not sure in 6 months you will be able to work like 3 semesters. But we'll see, you always surprise us ^^

And also all modifications regarding Maniascript and Manialink are good.
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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by Florenzius » 30 Jun 2016, 18:02

Thank you for thus great helloplanet post :thx:

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Re: Hello Planet #6

Post by NJin » 30 Jun 2016, 18:05

It's really awesome to extend the possibilities for scripting with manialink and maniascript
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