ShootMania Galaxy: Golden Dunk v2

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ShootMania Galaxy: Golden Dunk v2

Post by Dommy » 08 Jun 2017, 09:09


Golden Dunk is one of several game modes available in ShootMania Galaxy pack. It's a remake of an old gamemode by steeffeen from 2013 Open Beta, so if there are any old ShootMania players - you may feel the nostalgia! The mode is about picking up one of several balls in the middle of the map and scoring them in enemy team's OffZone pond. Team with more points wins.
An old mode only ShootMania 2013 Open Beta players will remember - Golden Dunk - is available in ShootMania Galaxy pack!

Two teams are fighting over whoch of them will score more "Balls" in opponent's "Hoop". Take a Ball from the central checkpoint and deliver it to enemy's OffZone Hoop to score 2 points for your team. When 4 minutes time limit is reached, the team with more points wins the round. If there is a draw, the last delivery (aka Golden Dunk) will decide who is the winner.

Both teams have a Goal on their side. When Goal is loaded at least 75%, team is rewarded with OffZone Shield, letting them deliver Balls faster, without being respawned. Beware - opposite team can destroy the Shield!
Feel free to join the program when live and share your thoughts about the mode in this topic. See you online! :thumbsup:

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Gameplay video:

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