Febuary Update priorities

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Febuary Update priorities

Post by Hylis » 11 Feb 2018, 14:34

After the release of the Febuary update by Xbx, I would like players to bring attention to what is now their top priority/issue/wish.

We have a limited amount of resource and we can't cover all the topic for some key role are now working on future projects.

I know you already gave your wishes, but if you wish to bring another attention to past or new issues, this topic can help. Please keep it short, with clear priorities if you have more than one. Useless to vote or write multiple times the same issue.

And if a topic exist that explains it more, it's perfect to link it in your list!

Thanks for your support.

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Dommy » 11 Feb 2018, 15:09

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Florenzius » 11 Feb 2018, 15:16

Problem with Mediatracker
(more to come, I keep updating the post)
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Skyslide » 11 Feb 2018, 15:23

0.1 spam weekly is still not back, please fix it! such event keep community alive .... :yes:

1. refresh button which refreshes:
  • Items
    /skins (mods skins images music etc)
2. fix multiple block/item icons if ttitlepack gets changed (stadium editor> eslcomp editor = some icons are doubled!)

3. ingame panel which shows the actual embed space, items listed with actual compressed(embedded) kB weight

4. CTRL Double click on ITEMS dont work anymore, it will place the block on the second push, in mp3 double click on the item will select the item AND get the X/Y/Z coorinates + rotation
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by smokegun » 11 Feb 2018, 15:37

Custom checkpoint items in SM (currently they are recognized as Landmark but dont have gauge). :thumbsup:

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Demented » 11 Feb 2018, 16:05

[BUGS] after February update:
~ Record Mediatracker Ghost acts like a Validation run and ends with "Validate & Save" or "Retry" but no save replay option or automatically showing replay, however you can still edit things like "End of Race" media after the run.
~ Mediatracker still doesn't show your current lap on multi lap races.
[NOT CRITICAL]~ Map Editor: Pressing CTRL+click on block to select a block from the map, opens a code screen. After hitting ESC to get out of it CTRL+Click works just fine. Found this in Canyon and in Valley and Lagoon.
[Edit-Feb.13] Seems to be triggered when selecting Cliff Deco blocks.
[Edit-Feb.17] Also seems this bug is only on older maps (MP3 and early MP4)

~ There are some nasty shadow/lighting bugs with items in Lagoon but I'm not really sure why. If anyone else is experiencing this maybe they can post more info. I know Eyebo had issues with Stadium lighting. Could be a problem with how it's saving lighting data with maps...
When I calculate shadows everything looks fine. Do test runs everything looks fine. But, when I save track, quit editor, load the track to play on it item shadows are all kinds of mess. Tracks made pre-update are still fine.
Niebo hads a solution for this that worked for me:
Turns out the Item Shadow Bug occurs with items created with the in-game item tools (not imports) on maps made after the January Update.
Solution: Open items that have shadow bug, Enter the mesh editor, Click Save, Exit out, recalculate map shadows.

~ The ability to "Select All" or "Select all Compatible" replays in a folder.
~ The ability to create custom "Sign Items" that are skinnable like the normal sign blocks.
~ The ability to create or copy/modify "Gate Items" like Start, Finish, Multilap and CPs with the in game item editor.
~ An Official Stunt Mode.
~ The Official return of Trackmania² Title.
~ The Official return of Platform Title.
~ Byte counter for embedded items used in map.
~ Slow Motion feature in Mediatracker.
~ More Controls (FF-REW-SLOW) for viewing replays.
~ Ability to rename items from within Item Editor.
~ Ability to "Clone" and save an item from within item editor. (to make modified versions of items)
~ Deleting Maps or Replays sends them to Recycle Bin.
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Alexey85 » 11 Feb 2018, 16:13

Wish: Add simple taskbar button flash when match is ready in matchmaking. Many games do this, like Rocket League, Starcraft 2, even indie Reflex Arena. Add official matchmaking for Joust and other official modes if there is no stable MM server from community at least. Also it would be neat if matchmaking allowed to search for multiple modes at once to find matches faster.
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by hackie » 11 Feb 2018, 16:19

I wish that you fixed that server bug.
Wich is reported many times by Spam.
His weekly race lays in the freezer cause of this bug.
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by jhs » 11 Feb 2018, 16:20

Playable TM Platform pack :pil thanks

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by HaagseSmurf » 11 Feb 2018, 19:45

I hope you can fix the cambug in rounds that came with the february update:
When you finish earlier then others, the camera should view the later cars.
Instead of that it is showing the finishline and the name and the time of the car that still has to arrive but not the car itself.


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