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Post by solvgutt » 26 Feb 2017, 15:19

My small, but really needed wish for TrackMania Turbo on PS4:
  • A splitscreen time attack mode like the one you can play online. Race for 5/10 minutes, being able to restart whenever you want, and the one with the best time at the end wins.
I bought the game only because I thought it had this mode, but now that I see that it doesn't I'm really disappointed. It is impossible to find the trackmania spirit while playing locally. The game is great at every other field, but this is a huge need for the game. A lot of other people wants it too: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/14 ... Rules-Mode :?

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by Miss » 26 Feb 2017, 15:32

Oh I thought Turbo had that, too. Huh. Anyway, I kinda doubt Turbo will receive anymore updates, actually :(
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by Dommy » 26 Feb 2017, 20:04

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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by TMarc » 26 Feb 2017, 20:50

domino54 wrote:
26 Feb 2017, 20:04
Your's is nice for Maniaplanet / Trackmania², but solvgutt had asked for an update in Turbo, which will not happen most probably, like Miss already stated.
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